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Wonder Nook is growing! Want to be a part of it? We would love adding a few more contributors and viewpoints. We welcome parents, educators professionals, and other advocates who have something to share to contribute. But first, some clarifications.

Wonder Nook is a Community

From the very beginning, WN was designed to be a community for anyone curious or passionate about hands-on learning, maker education, wildlife education, and other life-based learning adventures. We share ideas, news, how-tos, and other inspired musings. We do NOT take a stance on public education, homeschool, politics, culture wars, or other hot button debates. Why? Because we want to support anyone who wants to nurture the next generation of adventurers, makers, and creative risk-takers–no matter what their circumstances. This is a vital part of our mission.

This is a Labor of Love

The Wonder Nook is a passion project — not a money venture. We do not run ads or have sponsorships. We do not sell anything, promote other projects, or exchange perks for posts and reviews. All of this means we are “paid” in warm fuzzies, not money, but it’s so worth it!

Still Interested? Let us know! 

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I understand that The Wonder Nook is a non-commercial website driven by passion rather than ads and sponsorships. I promise to keep it that way.


Aimee Hosler Education Journalist
Founder |

Aimee Hosler has a snazzy husband, two boys, a dog, and official pedagogy-nerd status. She doubles as a freelance journalist specializing K-12 and higher education in general, and PBL, maker education and creative thinking specifically. Her articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including USA Today, TeachThought, Education World, The Global Digital Citizen Foundation, Yahoo! News, Teacher Portal and more. She lives in Virginia.

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