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Some posts on Wonder Nook may include affiliate links. We wanted to take a moment to chat about what that means and why you might stumble across them now and again.

What the heck are affiliate links?

When you click on an affiliate link, it usually will take you to a product (think: a book on Amazon) that we really love and speaks to the topic at hand. If one were to follow that link and then buy that book, the post author would receive a small portion of the sale. Prices aren’t affected at all. It’s more of a thank you from the book’s author or the business selling it, hence the “affiliate.”

Why Wonder Nook Sometimes Uses Affiliate Links

Wonder Nook is a labor of love, not a business. Affiliate links are a way for us to offset our hosting costs. We chose to go this route because:

  • They are way better than ads and gimmicks
  • We only include links that are relevant, unlike ads
  • We only link to books and items we actually use, love, and stand behind
  • They give back to the authors and designers that created whatever the item happens to be
  • They help support the site without WN ever collecting personal information, financial information, or anything else invasive

So… Why Are We Telling You This?

We have always called The Wonder Nook our “passion project.” We wanted to create a community where families could share ideas about how to inspire and nurture the next generation of learners — not start a business. Being candid about what those little links do, how they impact you, and what they mean for this project falls in line with that mission.

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Aimee Hosler has a snazzy husband, two boys, a dog, and official pedagogy-nerd status. She doubles as a freelance journalist specializing K-12 and higher education in general, and PBL, maker education and creative thinking specifically. Her articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including USA Today, TeachThought, Education World, The Global Digital Citizen Foundation, Yahoo! News, Teacher Portal and more. She lives in Virginia.

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