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What Is The Wonder Nook?

The Wonder Nook is what happens when a pedagogical nerd education decide to create a resource and community for others just like them. Think of it as a virtual workshop for parents and teachers committed to putting the wonder back in learning, but in a way that’s accessible (read: doable for busy families).

Please note that The Wonder Nook is not a commercial site. We have no ads or sponsorships. If you would like to contribute your own writings and ideas to the project, please drop us a line.

What You’ll Find Here

We channel hands-on, maker, experiential, and place-based learning approaches. Find DIY projects, a virtual MakerSpace, arts, wilderness activities, backyard science adventures, crafts, tinkering challenges, and so much more. If Wonder Nook activities inspire kids (or grown-ups) to take creative risks, ask big questions, explore their world, or tackle a new skill, we’ve succeeded.

 Is WN Right For You?

We exist solely to support parents, teachers and other kindred spirits who want to kindle curiosity and creativity in tomorrow’s big thinkers. Do you homeschool? Send your children to public or private school? Are completely undecided? You’re welcome here. You’ll find no mommy (or daddy) wars, and no decision shaming. We’re all in this together.

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WONDERNOOK is a virtual portal for anyone passionate about hands-on, experiential learning for kids of all ages. We promote project-based learning, play, innovation, maker education, and much, much more.

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